Welcome to Hack In A Can. This is a site on anything that has to do with technology. Whatever I do (since I get bored and screw around with things) will eventually end up here in one form or another. I'll write things as I want; if you would like me to go over something in particular, you can ask me to so and I will try to acomplish the task to the best of my ability. If you would like to reuse any of this information on your site or blog, feel free to do so. If you would like to submit anything, please contact me via the Contact Page. Full credit will be awarded.

Wow, an Update. This is now a branching site of my new Faminet site. You can access the HackInACan part through I'm gonna kill the forums and make something more encompasing, and I have updated the chat pages to coinside with my new channel. Check it here, or connect to irc:// with your client of choice. Also, the BBS and server are down from the projects page.

Updated IPTV a bit, as well as Links page.

Still Nothing as of yet. Waiting on those computers. IPTV shows updated.

The computers should (should!) be in tomarrow. I now have a pretty good computer. The following things will be out soon:
-Cain ARP Poisoning (I know there are a few guides, but the program has changes slightly)
-WireShark Tutorial
-Using WireShark w/ Cain
-Adding PHP / Mysql to Abyss

-New Hak.5 ep 2x02
-New Port7 Ep 2
-New TechCentric ep 4

- The HTTP server and BBS where down today due to a power outage caused by Tropical Storm Ernesto. Everything is back up and running.

-I'm screwing around with some stuff now, and should be having a few good (2.4Ghz) computers comming in, the catch is they have something stopping them from powering up. Hopefully its just the PSU. I finally might be able to throw a UT Lan party if I can get them all working.

-No new guides as of yet. I have alot of stuff non-site related I am currently working on, but if you have amything to share, or wish to become an article, the forums are always open. Peace out!

- Updated list of PHP hosts. That page is now complete.
-Updated Links page.
-Updated Gallery Page.
-Added an IPTV Page.
-New IPTV Shows - Prompt, i386, PoorBoys.
-More IPTV will be added as soon as Google Video approves it.
-New Link button by alex OF DEATH on the links page.
-Expect Abyss Server part II, and how to Fold@Home out soon.

- Setting up a Web Sever using Abyss is live. Check out the Guides / Tutorials Page. Also, a part II guide for installing the works (PHP, MySQL, etc.) is coming, but I might take a few days off.

- Setting up a BBS Part II is live . Also, be sure to check out the new affiliate.

-Also, updated my banners and some other stuff on links page.

-The newest episode of HackCom is up on the AV page.

- Did a bit of editing on the BBS Guide. Server Guide is coming soon.

-Theres now a crappy little shoutbox thing on the chat thing uder the chat. Not that anyone uses the chat, but you need java enabled for it.

- Setting up a BBS is live. Also, how to mask your IP using a dynamic DNS Host.

-I'm sorry... I know, you can't forgive me. Note, if you want to do something by a deadline, Google Video is unreliable. I tried to get the entire IPTV page done, and as of 10 minutes ago it is. Although "From The Shadows" is missing an episode. It will be there soon, though.

I updated the Telnet Tutorial as of creating my new BBS (telnet:// Check it out. Its not done yet, and I'm new to the software so it may take a while before I have it how I like it, but feel free to join and upload a file. Not sure if the FTP is working though.

No tutorials as of yet. The next one will be on how to create a BBS...

New Blogs, but no articles yet.

- I've been pretty sick for the last couple of days. And I've been sleeping (This is new) alot. I think that has something to do with getting better. I don't know. I wan't to bring to your attention that the existing IPTV pages might have some bad videos. This is only temporary. Google Video has some glitches, and sometimes my videos disappear. I don't want to make any more IPTV pages because I'll forget the ones I need to fix. I've been waiting to get these videos approved for near 4 days now.

- As for the Wireshark tutorial (Noting to fancy) I believe I will get that done eventually. I believe I have a computer that can run it, along with Cain. I can make a tutorial for SoftPerfect's Network Scanner, but Its trial software. I don't know if it actually will expire, so I'm gonna wait and see.

-A remote access tutorial using a free program will be out soon. Also, I feel like I need to revamp the FTP and IRC intros; they look a bit rushed and I think I could polish them a bit. I also want to fix the contacts page with a bit mor info. As always, feel free to check the forums. Its easier to ask something there becuae I check their more than my email.

-Got a pretty good amount of iPTV done.

- Just to make things clear, make sure your resolution is over 800x600. PEople have been having problems with that, or something. I don't know. Also, I have began work on the A/V page. it should be complete in the next few days.

-I also might consider switching over the blog to Wordpress, and the gallery to something I like a little better. As for the Wireshark tutorial, I can't get it to run on my computer, but strangely I can get a knock-off to. Also, I'm working on the Audio / Video page adding some IPTV pages, but that is still in development. Peace out!

- Fixed some issues with the Software Page. Edited FTP page, added some stuff to the Links page. Updated contacts page. Expect an WireShark Tutorial soon, with some moe security Auditing stuff. I just finished reading The Art of Intrusion, so I'm in that mindset . Also, got the site locked down error-wise, and the forums are open, so feel free to join.
- Added Gallery, Slightly fixed Blog page. Fixed Link Page. Updated disclaimer. Cleared some useless code out. Added a banner exchange dealy (Scroll Down!) EDIT: Fixed IRC Page, Edited Free PHP Sites Page.
- IRC and FPT Page Done. Contacts are complete. Also have alinks page now. No gallery yet, still figuring out how to present it.
- Fixed Header. The images are now showing up. No updates though, had a rough day. Expect an intro to FTP, and IRC for Sunday. Along with A Gallery, Links, updated contacts, and hopefully some more content.
- Updated Chat (Takes a while to load), Forums, Blog (Contains a list future content). Also added a Telnet Primer. I'll be posting some blog stuff, too.
- Some Articles and Guides are up. Blog, Forums, Chat and Links will be up soon. Also expect 2 more Guides. FYI, I FTP the new site content at 3:30 a.m. Eastern Time. If the site is down, it won't be for long.
- Web Site is now open to the public. There probobly won't be much (or anything) up at this time, but stuff is coming.


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