This page is for projects. Internally or externally, they will be here. I'm starting new projects all the time, so this page should (should) be updated often.


Project: BBS
Status: Complete (8/13/06)

I took it apon myself to create a BBS because I was bored, and frankly, there are not enough of them around any more. I created it on a windows box using SynchroNet, and it has turned out pretty good. I just need to find where to customize the intro page, and it will be perfect. Since its running though, its tagged as complete. You can access it via telnet:// or simply enter "" into your telnet client (Standard port 23). To learn how to telnet, see my telnet tutorial.

Project: HTTP Server
Status: Complete (6/28/06)

I felt like I could use an http server to throw files too big for my thumb drive when I needed them at places like school, and perhaps put up a PHP proxy to get around school web blocks. However, I never used it for the latter, and it is currently sitting there waiting for a practical use. You can access it at .

Project: FTP Server
Status: Incomplete (--/--/--)

I'm thinking of putting an FTP server on the same box that has my http server on it. Not sure why, though. Feels incomplete without one. I'll consider some free, light weight FTP host software, and then try and set one up.

Project: IRC Server
Status: Incomplete (--/--/--)

I heard that there was a really easy to use IRC daemon that I could set up, but as of now, there is no need for one. Perhaps later, though.

Project: Wiki
Status: Incomplete (--/--/--)

I'm considering setting up a Wiki for the site. Nothing fancy as there are plenty of wiki hosting sites that are available to use for free. Not entirely sure what would be included on it, but it couldn't hurt.




Project: Hak.5 Wiki
I currently hold a SysOp position on the Hak.5 Wiki. I basically filter out spam, and try to maintain it.

Project: AtariAge Member GameRooms
This is a project I stated a yeara or so ago. I documented the Gamerooms of all of the members of the AtariAge Forums for archieval purposes.







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