Here is my fourth installment of the best things I’ve found, learned, read, etc. over the past year. These things are listed in no particular order, and may not necessarily be new.

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This annual “Best Of” series is inspired by @fogus and his blog, Send More Paramedics.

Favorite Blog Posts Read

I end up reading a lot of articles over the course of the year, and cannot possibly remember all of them. Here is a good selection of that ones that I can recall:

Articles I’ve Written for Other Publications

I’ve continued to write for a few different places outside of my own site. Here is a complete list for 2018:

Favorite Technical Books Read

Favorite Non-Technical Books Read

  • The Philip K. Dick Reader (1997) - My second time reading any Dick, this collection is amazing, lengthy, and inexpensive to pick up. You’ll be up all night reading this and surprised how sci-fi from the ’50s is so relevant today.

Number of Books Read

Back up to a good amount of books read this year!


Still Need to Read

Dream Machines, Literary Machines, Design Patterns, 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10

Favorite Music Discovered

Favorite Television Shows

Black Mirror (2011)

Favorite Podcasts

Reply All99% InvisibleMy Brother, My Brother and Me, Darknet Diaries

Programming Languages Used for Work/Personal

Java, JavaScript, Python,Objective-C, Swift.

Life Events of 2018

  • Visited Ireland.
  • Got my Amateur Radio Technician license.

Life Changing Technologies Discovered

  • Baofeng radios - Inexpensive amateur radios. You can get a decent handheld for about $30
  • MuckRock - A 3rd party service for submitting information requests.
  • TIL Wiki - A wiki idea for doing small today-i-learned posts as a way of note taking. 

Favorite Subreddits

/r/amateurradio, /r/vintageaudio

Conferences Attended

Completed in 2018

Plans for 2019

  • Write for stuff I’ve written for already (NODE, Lunchmeat, Neon Dystopia2600).
  • Write for new stuff (Do you have a publication that needs writers?).
  • Participate in more public server projects (ntp pool, etc.).
  • Launch a BBS?
  • Continue work for Philly Mesh.
  • Continue rebooting Raunchy Taco IRC (Have one server and a certificate authority configured).

See you in 2019!