You may have noticed that some of my sites are now sporting forced https and ipv6 support. Here’s a little rundown of upgrades and updates.

  • - Forced https and ipv6, software updated. Fixed some broken static sites I’ve had available. ChannelEM, Techtat, and other old projects are available through their own subdomains and indexed on this page,
  •, - Forced https and ipv6. All subdomains have the same treatment.
  • - Forced https and ipv6, software updated. Now has a static subdomain for sites I’ve mirrored,
  • - Forced https and ipv6. Temporarily disabled the quote database as it is not compatible with the latest PHP. I am looking into Chirpy as an alternative.
  • - After being down for a while, I’ve restored the site. Forced https and ipv6, software updated.

I’m currently splitting my time between writing, doing a little for, server migrations, and rebuilding Raunchy Taco. Let me know if anything is broken!