Hacking Second Hand via Hacker Public Radio

Today a show I recorded for Hacker Public Radio (hpr) has gone live on their site. It is officially titled Hacking Second Hand – Obtaining Old Tech and focuses on getting hardware from the used market. One could argue that this was a long time coming as I was asked, probably around six years ago, to record segments for TWAT which was a precursor to Hacker Public Radio. Anyway, check below for a direct link to the posting on their site!




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2 thoughts on “Hacking Second Hand via Hacker Public Radio

  1. Hey, great episode on HPR. Listening now. You’re talking about exactly the way I shop, man! BTW nybill & I did an hpr episode on related topic, hpr1028.

  2. Just got around to listening to your episode and it was excellent! I never see computers at Goodwill stores anymore in these parts. I’ve noticed that they seem to pick a lot of the good stuff and put it on their online auction site. Goodwill is still strange to me in how inconsistent they are from location to location. The local ones near me seem to be in a ring, while if I go more west they are in another ring. It’s all region-based and I suppose that dictates some of their habits.

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