I’m pretty sure I hinted that I like to digitalize old formats. I’m that guy you see digging through bins of VHS tapes at yard sales, looking to find that one piece of gold that I haven’t seen and probably won’t find any other way.

You might not know just how into this stuff I am. I didn’t really know I was, but after years of accumulating relevant equipment, it starts to add up. I used to have everything sitting around in various piles. I’d keep some stuff up by the television in my bedroom to do simple transfers, and some of the bigger stuff downstairs where I couldn’t trip over it.

I recently decided to consolidate more, and bring most things to a dedicated area where  I could do transfers.

I present the wall.

To briefly go over what we see here: The top row has some video enhancers, an audio enhancer, power station, and a DVD recorder. Next row down has some more professional video enhancers, a detailer, some boxes for stabilization and a full frame time base corrector / freeze. The next row has two Commodore 1702 monitors. 4th row has an SVHS deck and a laserdisc player on the left, and two editing VCRs with a Betamax deck on the right. The next row has 5 laserdisc players and a VHS duplicator. The last row has all my CEDs.

This doesn’t represent all of my gear (I got much more of this stuff on the other side of the room), but there is a pretty nice portion here for both storage and transferring. I can quickly wire up any format and start converting in a matter of minutes.

It has become something as a monolith to antiquated technology. I’m quite happy with it.