I’m not used to anything I put up here being used in some other way, but upon looking up my referrer history, I saw that one of my pictures from my article on vinyl has appeared here. The picture is tinted (or darkened) a bit, and I think it actually looks pretty cool. Also, I am very appreciative for the link-back. I do think, however, that it is a bit odd that someone found that picture interesting enough to share with others. People are reposting this, leaving comments about how they wish they had this collection, how you cannot go wrong with vinyl, etc. This picture was taken around two years ago, and my collection has grown to be about four times what you see here. When you have that much, it becomes difficult to organize, or even walk around considering how much space it takes up.Vinyl is awesome, and I love it, but it is somewhat addicting to say anything.

Anyway, I’ll disclose the picture here, as I attempt to create some strange loop that links back to wes pendleton, that links back to me, making anyone’s head spin.