I have (and do) always hated picking a blog theme. The current theme I am using here is called “Black and White,” and even though it took ages for me to find, I’m still not really very happy with it. Finding a theme is like an adventure to me. I usually end up finding lists of so-called “top themes” through google. One or two might look good, but most of these lists are so old, the theme is either lost to the world or slapped with a price tag. Then I find my way over to theme databases with sortable options, but even this usually fails to satisfy me.

I don’t know why I am so picky, but it torments me to no end. When I do find a usable theme, it is always narrowed down to one. I never have a handful of themes that look good and can be switched out at a whim, I just haveĀ  one that lasts me until I get bored of it and devote hours to finding a new one.

Maybe this year will be the year I find a theme I like. A beautiful blog theme that does everything I want and more. Something bright and organized, but simple and functional. I get the feeling that I am not alone in my search, but if you happen to like the theme you use on your blog, consider yourself lucky.