The Quest for Blog Themes

I have (and do) always hated picking a blog theme. The current theme I am using here is called “Black and White,” and even though it took ages for me to find, I’m still not really very happy with it. Finding a theme is like an adventure to me. I usually end up finding lists of so-called “top themes” through google. One or two might look good, but most of these lists are so old, the theme is either lost to the world or slapped with a price tag. Then I find my way over to theme databases with sortable options, but even this usually fails to satisfy me.

I don’t know why I am so picky, but it torments me to no end. When I do find a usable theme, it is always narrowed down to one. I never have a handful of themes that look good and can be switched out at a whim, I just have¬† one that lasts me until I get bored of it and devote hours to finding a new one.

Maybe this year will be the year I find a theme I like. A beautiful blog theme that does everything I want and more. Something bright and organized, but simple and functional. I get the feeling that I am not alone in my search, but if you happen to like the theme you use on your blog, consider yourself lucky.


Announcing IPTV Torrents!

So I’m sure many of you know my work with the IPTV Archive, and in a similar idea¬† a new site called IPTV Torrents has officially launched today. This project is spearheaded by Corrosion of DeAuthThis, secret52 of Hak.5 torrents, as well as myself. The site is a cross between a public and private torrent site. While you can download torrents without registering, the real fun comes when you become a member. You can upload content, comment on torrents, search for lost shows, and become part of the community!

The idea for the site came around a month ago, and quickly went into a closed testing period. After it proved stable enough, it was expanded to a closed beta and has been so until today, where it is now completely public.

IPTV Torrents offers great potential. Not only can it be a great service for finding older, lost iptv shows, but can also be a great resource for newer ones. Why wade through dozens of pages of download links when you can click one and be done? It can even act as a launch pad for show creators to share their content, talk with other creators, and get connected with potential viewers.

Though the site is still in its early stages, and a bit rough around the edges, it needs all the support it can get. If you think it might interest you, check it out. We are open to all ideas, criticism, and compliments.Feel free to use all aspects of the site, and show your support through the IRC, Twitter, or Facebook page if you desire.

Happy IPTVing.